Abused mother of two killed; body found on roadway

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 March 2015, 1:39 by GxMedia

The body of Quineza Patricia Benn on the Charity Public Road.

A mother of two very young children, who was widely believed to be the victim of an abusive relationship, was found dead in a clump of bushes at Charity, Pomeroon early Tuesday morning.

Police identified her as 26-year old Quineza Patricia Benn of Charity, Essequibo. She was the mother of two children ages three and five years.

Her common-law partner and two other persons were arrested, even as police said they were awaiting the results of an autopsy. The body has marks of violence to the mouth and eyes and a cut at the back of her neck.

A pair of pants was found at the home where she and her partner lived.

Investigators said Benn’s body was found at about 6:15 AM in a thickly vegetated area of the roadway opposite the Charity ball field.

Crime sleuths have already learnt that she was in an abusive relationship and she was last seen on Sunday, March 15, 2015.