West Ruimveldt residents block deplorable road

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 March 2015, 0:42 by GxMedia

The blocked road at West Ruimveldt

Residents of a section of West Ruimveldt blocked the roads in the area Tuesday afternoon, citing their deplorable state over the years.

Shortly after 2:30 PM , persons in the area placed various items including old refrigerators,stones and pieces of wood , blocking traffic on School Street,WaterLilly Street ,Cross Street and several small connecting streets there.

Police were called in to remove the barriers.

However , the residents replaced the items on the roadway as a standoff beckoned as the afternoon progressed.A resident of Water Lilly Street reported that the roadway , closer to Mandela Avenue has been in “terrible state” for years and given the roads in various parts of the country are being repaired at the moment, she is adamant the authorities will fix the roads there.

The police at the scene called for backup and two van loads of Joint Services ranks arrived  shortly after 3:30 PM.

As the May11 general elections draw closer , several streets in communities across the country are being repaired. Among those which saw repairs to the roads include Herstelling,Peter’s Hall and Prospect among other communities on the East Bank of Demerara.