Wakenaam man severely chopped

Last Updated on Monday, 9 March 2015, 21:32 by GxMedia

A Wakenaam man was hacked with a cutlass about his body during an altercation Saturday night on that Essequibo Island.

His assailant was arrested Monday and taken off island by investigators.

Police said 27-year old Lillvamnauth “Dinkey Boy” Dhairam was chopped about his body after he pursued his attacker twice who left a barbecue at Meer Zorg after the first phase of the disagreement.

Pictures seen by Demerara Waves show that Dhairam was chopped to his head, face and legs. Sources said he also sustained an “open skull fracture.”

Investigators said Dhairam allegedly followed the man along the road and another scuffle ensued.

The alleged chopper was recently released from prison.