Deadly jaguar killed at Mashabo Village

Last Updated on Sunday, 8 March 2015, 13:03 by GxMedia

After wreaking havoc in the Essequibo village of Mashabo, Region Two,for the past two months, a jaguar was shot dead Sunday morning.

Residents there said they could now breathe a sigh of relief after villager, Sydney Williams, shot the animal dead by using a gun trap.’

Since mid-January, the jaguar had been reportedly terrorizing the village, killing at least 14 dogs.

Head teacher Quado Vancooten reported that the residents became worried since most of the village’s 400 residents are below the age of 16. “Now with the capture of this animal we can finally rest easy,” he said.

mashabo jaguar2There are reports that there may be a smaller companion since another extra set of foot tracks are often seen.

No one was injured but a young man came face-to-face with the jaguar about two weeks ago. “This is why we are happy because the community is very large and we have many small children who walk through tracks to get to school and even the creeks,” he said.

Mashabo is the home of Ituribis, the country’s lake also known as hot and cold lake.