North West District man dies after falling off tractor

Last Updated on Saturday, 7 March 2015, 0:49 by GxMedia

A 20-year old Barabina, North West District man met an untimely death Friday afternoon after he fell off of
a tractor tray which was climbing a hill with a load of sand.

According to reports, around 3:30 pm, porter Devon Valenzuela was seated at the back of the tray of the vehicle when he fell off and hit his head. The vehicle , which was mounting a slope around a turn on the roadway, was heading from the remote Wauna community for Barabina at the time.

Persons at the scene reported that the man died instantly since he landed on his head and was bleeding
profusely from wounds he sustained.

He was rushed to the Mabaruma Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by medical staff there.

The driver of the vehicle is in police custody assisting with investigations.