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Four drowned while returning from ritual

Last Updated on Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 12:00 by GxMedia

The East Bank Essequibo village of Vergenoegen was Tuesday still in a state of mourning for four persons, including three children, who drowned while returning from a ritual at the foreshore, police said.

Those, who perished on February 1, 2015, are 53-year old Radika “Nadira” Persaud of 13 Vergenoegen Public Road, 14-year old Rovin Persaud, nine-year old Annatina Persaud and 12 year old Billy “Anil” Narine.

Their bodies were discovered close to the drainage sluice (koker) at Vergenoegen during low tide

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Assistant Commissioner Leslie James said that just after 3 PM on February 1,  Danwantie Persaud took her grandchildren- Annatina and Billy to her sister, Radika’s residence.

James said there they were preparing for a religious function for Danwantie’s mother who died on January 2, 2014.

Investigators were told that Radica and the three children went to the Vergenoegen koker for a ritual but they did not return at the expected time. James said Danwantie searched but initially did not find anyone.

She was later joined by other persons at low tide who saw a bucket that the group had carried with them.  Moments later, they found the bodies of the family members near the koker.