Teen charged with threatening to kill mother, illegal gun possession on bail

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 August 2014, 20:30 by GxMedia

Georgetown Magistrates’ Court

A teenager, charged with threatening to kill his mother, being in illegal possession of a handgun and escape from lawful custody, was Thursday granted GUY$210,000 bail.

Seventeen-year old Wendyson Thomas of Lethem, Rupununi pleaded not guilty to the charges.

City Magistrate, Fabayo Azore granted him GUY$10,000 bail for threatening behavior, GUY$50,000 for escape from lawful custody and GUY$150,000 for possession of a firearm without being the holder of a firearm licence.

He is expected to re-appear in court on September 8.

The court was told that on August 11, he allegedly threatened his mother, Wendy Thomas, at Karasabai, South Rupununi; on August 14 at Karasabai he allegedly had in his possession one .25 pistol without licence and on August 15 he allegedly escaped from the Lethem Police Station while he was being held for the alleged firearm offence.

Defence Lawyer, Jerome Khan said the incident stemmed from the teenager’s mother supporting his girlfriend instead of him during a misunderstanding. But Police Prosecutor, Michael Grant said the teen’s mother became fearful for her life and reported his alleged threatening behavior to the police.

The court was further told that his mother complained to the Toshao (Village Chief) and asked him to speak to her son.

Wendyson was charged with illegal possession of a firearm after he led police to his uncle’s house where the firearm was found in a music box. He escaped from police custody while police were mulling whether to grant him station bail or charge him or his uncle for the alleged illegal possession of firearm.

The lawyer, however, said that the boy calmly left the station and went to his mother’s home for a shower. Police, he said, went there and arrested his client.