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Several persons deemed ineligible for PNCR Congress

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 July 2014, 23:26 by GxMedia

PNCR’s Congress Place Headquarters, Sophia.

As the countdown continues to the People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) biennial congress, the names of several persons have been scratched off because they have not met the one-year membership criteria, party General Secretary Oscar Clarke said Thursday evening.

This revelation came less than one day before the PNCR begins its 18th biennial congress which would end on Sunday.

He told Demerara Waves that the names of an estimated 30 persons who were submitted as delegates were struck off because they have not been party members for one full year in keeping with the PNCR’s constitution. He said persons would be eligible to be delegates if, at minimum, their memberships date back to 2012.  Clarke said he explained the discrepancy and they have decided to take corrective action by midday Thursday or even a bit later. “You have until midday to put in replacements….If I were to be presented  with a list that can pass muster I would prevail on the party to accept it. I am not looking for a fight or a quarrel,” he said.

He explained that although Members of Parliament, general and regional election candidates and party officers are automatically eligible to be congress delegates, they must be financial members.

Aubrey Norton, who is challenging incumbent leader David Granger for the top post, told Demerara Waves Online News earlier Thursday that a number of membership issues have been resolved but he was still keeping a watchful eye.  

Asked whether he believed that Vanessa Kissoon, who has been suspended from the party pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing into an incident involving her and the General Secretary,  Clarke maintained that she has been suspended. Norton, however, urged that Kissoon and Clarke resolve their differences bilaterally.

Region 10 Chairman and PNCR Central Executive Member, Sharma Solomon earlier Thursday formally asked Clarke to give Kissoon a delegate card because she is a parliamentarian.

The PNCR General Secretary, meanwhile, could not say how many nominations Norton, Granger and Solomon received because he was  rather busy preparing for Congress.  He opted to say that Granger has received “much more” rather than “significantly more” than Norton.