Region 10 PNCR members threaten “political action” over Kissoon’s suspension

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 July 2014, 0:26 by GxMedia

PNCR Headquarters, Congress Place

A number of People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) members and leaders have warned their party leader, David Granger that they would be forced to take “political action” if Vanessa Kissoon’s matter is not handled to their satisfaction.

Kissoon has since publicly protested what she regarded as Granger’s unilateral decision to suspend her over an altercation on June 20 at Congress Place between herself and PNCR General Secretary, Oscar Clarke for the keys for the party’s Linden office. She has maintained that she does not have the keys.

In the June 30 petition, the more than 400 signatories advised their party leader that they wanted the Central Executive to ensure that “proper administrative procedures and due process prevail and that the people of Region 10 not be forced into political action to demand justice for MP Vanessa Kissoon, respect for the Constitution and for the party leaders and members of Region 10.”

Reacting to Kissoon’s release of internal correspondence about the incident and her suspension to the media on Thursday, Granger voiced his disapproval but gave no hint that she would be sanctioned for that. “I would prefer that Miss Kissoon’s correspondence be sent directly to party officials. It would be imprudent to distribute party documents to the media before the matter is determined,” he said. Granger said the Kissoon-Clarke occurrence should be settled by the Disciplinary Committee rather than in the media.

The group in Linden said they have instructed party chairman Sharma Solomon not to cooperate with the injustice against Ms. Kissoon by submitting any name to be part of any Disciplinary Committee that is unconstitutionally formed.  “Regional party members stand united in support for and respect for the Party Constitution which details the procedures for discipline.  We also stand united in the believe that Ms. Kissoon’s rights are being denied and that she is being unduly targeted as a leader in this Region for  repeated attacks, public embarrassment and now unprovoked  disrespect by the General Secretary Oscar Clarke, suspension and further discipline,” they said.

They are also canvassing support for all regional party chairpersons, Central executive, other party stalwarts and North American Region (NAR) members in helping this matter to be resolved internally in accordance with constitutional process.

Granger has maintained that based on the evidence available to him, he rightfully suspended her because the General Secretary , as the party’s Chief Executive Officer, has a legitimate right to have access to party property. The PNCR wants control of the office to be handed over to Sandra Adams who has been appointed Region 10 Coordinator by the Central Committee.

The aggrieved persons claimed that the PNCR was displaying double standards by imposing Adams on Region 10 while opposing Central Government’s imposition of Carol Sooba as Town Clerk of the Georgetown Municpality. “In similar fashion Congress Place under your leadership wants to foist Sandra Adams on the members in Linden without consulting us or giving the Region an opportunity to select a Regional Supervisor. When our elected representatives resisted these transgressions and violations they are subjected to all form of attacks, threats and altercations. attacked  verbally, physically and denied their rights as members of the party,” they said.

The group of party members and leaders in Region 10 has accused the PNCR Leader of displaying pattern of unacceptable behavior towards Kissoon dating back to 2012 when she refused to go to the media and publicly deny that there was no agreement between government and APNU for electricity rates to be increased.

The Region 10 PNCR leaders and members stopped short of stating that they believed that the controversy was linked to the upcoming leadership contest at which Granger is expected to come up against Aubrey Norton. “We are also cognizant that internal elections are due and that these attacks may be orchestrated to undermine Regional activities geared towards selecting party executive,” they said.