Dynamic Airways suspends operations for one month

Last Updated on Tuesday, 8 July 2014, 22:37 by GxMedia

FLASH BACK: Guyana-bound passengers collecting their baggage at Atlantic City International Airport shortly after they arrived by bus from the JFK Airport.

Dynamic Airways, touted as a partnership with Roraima Airways that would offer a Guyanese travel experience, has suspended New York-Georgetown flights because of administrative bottlenecks at the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The American-owned carrier explained that due to operational difficulties with securing time slots at JFK airport for the month of July, it decided to suspend flights on that route until August 8th  2014.  

The airline stated that all flights starting from August 8th are not impacted by this change and will be operated as displayed on our website, and in our reservation system.

Chief Executive Officer of Roraima Airways, Gerry Gouveia said 50 persons would be affected because bookings have ceased since the carrier first encountered problems at JFK Airport. He stressed that no one would be stranded and that all passengers who are entitled to refunds would get them.

Gouveia said that he would not approve the restart of flights on the route unless he is first convinced that Dynamic Airlines has cleared all the hurdles. “I took it for the granted the first time  but this time they will have to prove to me that they are ready,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

Dynamic Airways said in its statement that it would operate flights on July 8th , July 11th and July 15th to transport passengers who have already made travel arrangements.  

However, all passengers booked to travel from July 17th – August 8th would receive full refunds plus a compensatory voucher for future purchase on Dynamic Airways network.  The airline promised that all passengers will be contacted by Dynamic Airways directly or by their respective travel agents.

According to the carrier, the suspension would allow “us to secure time slots at JFK airport, organize better ground handling and check in process as well as secure schedule integrity which Dynamic Airways is well known for.

Dynamic apologized for the inconvenience that change might have caused and thanked passengers for their patience while the airline was  processing refund requests and protecting its passengers impacted by the suspension.

In an effort to prevent passengers from being stranded, the airline had been transporting Guyana-bound passengers from JFK Airport to airports at Connecticut and Jersey.

Evidently, Dynamic Airways was not ready to serve the route because the airline did not receive the required environmental permits from the Port Authority until July 5.  Checking in at the Atlantic City airport to return to Guyana was somewhat cumbersome because passengers’ names were spelt inaccurately and had to be cleared by the United States Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA).

Dynamic has since fired its ground handling agent at JFK.