Harmon representing ex servicemen at Rodney Commission of Inquiry

Last Updated on Monday, 23 June 2014, 14:06 by GxMedia

Retired Lt. Col. Joseph Harmon, now an Attorney-at-Law

Retired Lt. Col, Joseph Harmon Monday morning withdrew representation of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) and instead opted to give his legal services to retired servicemen at the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry.

Under the umbrella of the Ex GDF (Guyana Defence Force) Association, Harmon intends to also offer representation to former members of the now defunct Guyana National Service (GNS) and the Guyana Peoples Militia.

Harmon, a practicing lawyer, reposed confidence in PNCR Chairman and lawyer, Basil Williams and opposition parliamentarian and lawyer, James Bond in representing that party

Harmon expressed concern that the integrity and character of several ex servicemen, who have served Guyana with distinction, have been so far besmirched. He hinted that wherever they are around the world they intend to clear their name via the use of modern information communications technology.

The inquiry has been established to probe the circumstances and reason for the bomb-in-walkie death of WPA co-leader and renowned Guyanese historian, Dr. Walter Rodney.

Several witnesses have so far sought to confirm the long-held position by the WPA and the governing Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) that the then PNC administration had played a key role in killing Rodney. Evidence so far, is that then GDF electronics expert, Sergeant Gregory Smith had supplied the device to Walter and his brother, Donald.

Rodney was killed on June 13, 1980- the same night the device was provided- on John Street, a stone’s throw away from the Georgetown Prison.  His death had come at a time when the WPA had advocated a  civil rebellion to topple the PNC administration