Govt approves promotion system for police cadet officers

Last Updated on Friday, 6 June 2014, 0:06 by GxMedia

The Ministry of Home Affairs Thursday night announced that 24 of the Cadet officers, who were enlisted to satisfy the long-term needs of the Guyana Police Force, are tipped for promotion.

“At the moment twenty four of the Cadet Officers have been found to be suitable to be promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police. The requisites administrative process that will result in those appointments have already commenced with the issuance of a ‘no objection’ for the creation of the specific posts,” said the ministry.

The Home Affairs Ministry explained that the positions created for those Cadet Officers would become redundant when they are appointed to positions beyond that of Assistant Superintendent of Police.

“They will therefore have to compete with the other Assistant Superintendents of Police who will be promoted through the ranks for the positions of Deputy Superintendent and above,” the ministry added.

The Home Ministry explained that its initiative would result in the temporary increase in the number of Assistant Superintendents of Police in the Force but that special arrangement would only relate to the Cadet Officers who were trained as part of the long term plan of the Ministry for the Guyana Police Force.

According to the ministry, those positions cannot be used to promote other ranks in the Force as they will be unique only to the identified Cadet Officers.