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Septic tank murder accused for High Court trial again

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Anthony De Paul Hope (white shirt) , Kevin O’Neil (blue shirt) and Ralph Tyndall (long sleeve white shirt)

Three men were Friday committed to stand trial in the High Court for the ‘septic tank’ murder of a Campbelville woman six years ago, after a second Preliminary Inquiry (PI).

They are 27-year old Ralph Tyndall of ‘C’ Field, Sophia;  26-year old Anthony De Paul ‘Papa’ Hope also of ‘C’ Field Sophia and 27-year old Kevin O’Neil of Seaforth Street, Campbelville.

They are accused of the murder of 56-year old Colleen Forrester on December 27, 2008 on William Street, Campbelville.

City Magistrate Judy Latchman ruled that there was sufficient evidence for the trio to be trialled by a High Court Judge and jury after listening to the prosecution which led 13 witnesses, and the defence.

Asked by the Magistrate whether they had anything to say, only the number three accused- O’Neil, said he was innocent and did not wish to say anything else at that time.

The trio had already begun standing trial in the High Court after they were committed at the first PI by then Magistrate Octive Hamilton.

But High Court Judge, Diana Insanally quashed the case and ordered a new PI after upholding a preliminary objection by the defence  that an unsworn statement by a child of tender age was the only evidence on which Hamilton’s committal was done.

Judge Insanally ruled that the case was not properly put before her court and ordered that it be sent back to the Lower Court for a new PI.