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Home Ministry: Stop recruiting perverts, run the police force properly

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

In the wake of another alleged sexual assault by police-this time on a 16 year old boy- the Home Affairs Ministry on Thursday told the Guyana Police Force to avoid recruiting “perverts” and improve its management.

“This allegation, notwithstanding, the Ministry of Home Affairs calls on  the Guyana Police Force (GPF)  to pay closer attention to its recruitment procedures and screening practices when recruiting civilians into its ranks so as to ensure that perverts are not allowed entry into the organisation,”  according to the statement.

The Home Affairs Ministry made known its position several hours after the boy perched on the Police Consumers Building, Robb Street and threatened to commit suicide because he was not getting any justice from the police. Eventually he descended to a lower area and was taken away by police. Social Workers planned to seek counselling for him.

Investigators have told Demerara Waves Online News ( that the accuser is a known male sex worker. At the same time, they are pursuing his allegation that he was sexually assaulted by three policemen at the Stabroek Market Police Outpost earlier this week.

Based on the allegation, three policemen were placed under close arrest. “If proven guilty, such elements must be weeded out from the Ranks of the Guyana Police Force.  They would not be worthy of wearing police uniforms,” police said.

The Home Ministry also called on the administration of the Guyana Police Force to come to grips with its administrative, and operational deficiencies and to embrace fully the current effort at reforms  in the best interest of the Force in particular and the people of Guyana in general.

The Ministry of Home Affairs stands ready at all times to assist the force in surmounting its challenges.

This latest alleged “despicable act,” according the ministry, has come at a time when the force was struggling to regain public confidence after 24-year old Colwyn Harding had accused Timehri Police of sodomizing him with a condom-covered baton.

The outcome of a probe by the police force’s Office of Professional Responsibility has been dispatched to the Police Complaints Authority before going to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.

Sources said no evidence has surfaced to confirm that Harding was sexually assaulted with a baton but he was severely assaulted by the policemen who were stationed at the Timehri Police Station at the time of the incident between November 15 and 19.

Prison officers at the Georgetown jail have told investigators that Harding had developed a hernia after jumping down from a 15-foot high stairs.