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Daily Archives: January 10, 2014

Vehicle importers may soon need radioactive-free certificates- Environment Minister

Importers of vehicles and vehicle spares from Japan may have to produce certificates showing that their imports are free from worrying levels of radioactive material, in the wake of a shipment of Guyana-bound spares being seized in Jamaica because of elevated levels of radiation. “We will have to require certificates that they are free from radioactive material. We will not ...

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Jamaica seizes “elevated” radiation Japanese spare parts destined for Guyana

(JAMAICA GLEANER).-Jamaica Customs authorities have revealed that in the last 13 months, tests conducted at the nation’s ports have confirmed the presence of higher-than-normal levels of radiation in two shipments from Japan. The most recent case, according to Assistant Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts, came last month when a trans-shipment container carrying used motor-vehicle parts destined for Guyana was scanned ...

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Granger mum on reasons for opposing substantive Chancellor, Chief Justice appointments

Opposition Leader, David Granger on Friday refused to divulge reasons not agreeing to the confirmation of Justices Carl Singh and Ian Chang as Chancellor and Chief Justice respectively. “The constitution doesn’t require me to divulge my reason,” he said. “The President didnt have to give me reasons for his nominations. I didnt have to give the President reasons for my ...

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I am a Swing Vote

By Saieed I. Khalil (First published on ) Our pattern of voting influences the nature of government and its policies. The power to freely and informedly choose the political and socioeconomic data by way of the ballot is what constitutes the lynchpin of a peaceful democracy. Ideally, elections ought to reward governments for good policies and governance in line ...

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PPP’s was not not removed in 1964 through destabilisation- GTUC General Secretary, Lincoln Lewis

It is important GTUC respond to the PPP’s information regarding our role in the 1960’s as carried in Demerara Waves on December 24, 2013. Particular attention is paid to “Guyana has turned full circle to the extent that the country has returned to the days of the mid 1960’s when the AFLCIO funded opposition Trade Unions and political parties to destabilise the ...

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“Who to believe” – Luncheon responds

I sympathise with you with the dilemma you describe. “Who to believe” I am perplexed by your choice as you did not disclose valid reasons for rejecting my explanations. I will stand anywhere and at anytime to insist that the United States did not  consult the Government on this project. My assertion is supported by the documentation and disclosures that ...

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