“Who to believe” – Luncheon responds

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I sympathise with you with the dilemma you describe.
“Who to believe”
I am perplexed by your choice as you did not disclose valid reasons for rejecting
my explanations.

I will stand anywhere and at anytime to insist that the United States did not  consult the Government on this project. My assertion is supported by the documentation and disclosures that are in the public domain
Since you feel strongly otherwise, I would appreciate being shown what is inaccurate and false with my presentation that led you to believe otherwise.

I would dearly love to be so informed and your evidence provided. The details I provided publicly clearly established that the United States designed, funded the project and contracted a firm to implement the project before bringing it to the attention of the Government of Guyana.

What I found most distressing is your failure to accord any suitable attention to the decision of the United States officials to disregard/ignore a decision of the Government of Guyana.

Where in the world of international law and relationships would a foreign government openly behave so outrageously?

Can you imagine the United States response to a foreign government doing the same in America?
You are entitled to your opinion, but I urge you not to confuse opinions with facts.