Eureka Medical Laboratory to join list of GPHC`s Hydroclave users

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

Shawn Manbodh – Deputy Quality Manager, Eureka Medical Laboratory

Eureka Medical Laboratory will soon join the list of medical institutions that utilise the service of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s Hydroclave system.

The hydroclave ensures that all medical waste from public and private medical institutions is treated before disposal, so as to reduce risks of contamination among garbage collectors and waste pickers.
GPHC Waste Management Consultant Mr. Rufus Lewis had highlighted to Clean and Green Guyana (CGG) that the organisation will be intensifying its public awareness efforts, since many private institutions are not treating their infectious waste through the hydroclave.He noted that some workshops were held to enlighten medical institutions on the importance of the hydroclave`s functions.

However, speaking to CGG on Wednesday, Eureka Medical Laboratory`s Deputy Quality Manager Shawn Manbodh said his organisation was never informed by the GPHC that the hydroclave was functional.
Manbodh pointed out that it was only until last November that Eureka became aware of its operations via a newspaper article, which called for more medical institutions to get on board. Prior to this, Manbodh said he was enquiring about the Hydroclave`s readiness from his counterparts at the GPHC.

Given their new knowledge about the treatment facility, Manbodh said they are currently awaiting a quotation and requirements needed for the Lab to utilise the hydroclave. These include the cost per poundage of medical waste and how they should be packaged.

He anticipates the Lab signing an agreement by next week to use the hydroclave`s service.
In absence of the hydroclave`s service, Eureka Lab takes its own precautions in disposing its medical waste. Solid waste is packaged separately in hazard bags and liquids are treated with bleach as well as diluted with water.

Clean and Green Guyana is an initiative that falls under the purview of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.