Handyman shot during robbery of businesswoman ; suspected robber shot

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

A handyman, who went to fend off bandits from his employer, was shot by one of the thieves on Monday morning, police said.

Investigators were told that the proprietor of Whizz Electronic Store, Alexander Street, Kitty was robbed  as she exited her vehicle in front of her place of business.

Injured is 35-year old Tyrone Williams of Dowding Street, Kitty. Police said the gunman escaped from the scene.

The incident occurred around 11 AM. Eyewitnesses said at least two men escaped on motorcycles.

Meanwhile, a man who robbed a 15-year old boy of his cellular phone, was shot to his upper left thigh by police after he ignored the police and continued to perpetrate the act.

Investigators said that around 10:45 Saturday night, police shot 33-year old Orin Mc Kenzie during a robbery in the vicinity of KFC, Water Street.

Mc Kenzie of Punt Trench Dam, Albouystown was allegedly robbing Dhanraj Baljeet of 647 Block “B” Montrose, East Coast Demerara while armed with a chopper.

“The police shouted at Orin Mc Kenzie, but he ignored the police and continued his act,” police said in a statement.

Dhanraj’s cell phone was allegedly found on Mc Kenzie. Mc Kenzie and another man are in police custody assisting with the investigation.