Venezuelan Navy concerned about Guyana’s actions- report

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Foreign Minister Elías Jaua and President Nicolás Maduro at the recently held UNASUR summit in Suriname.

EL UNIVERSAL.- Reports about a new oil concession granted by Guyana in front of the Venezuelan Atlantic front of Orinoco Delta have raised the alarm in the Venezuelan Navy.

A source closely related to the Navy revealed that the High Command of the Venezuelan Navy had assessed the situation and issued a recommendation to the Executive Office, seeking a reaction, following reports of a concession awarded by Guyana on behalf of oil transnational Anadarko on Block Roraima, located in the Venezuelan Atlantic front.  The Navy’s intention would be defending the State’s rights.

The source revealed that the Navy was concerned about the way this issue is being tackled, namely, Venezuela’s claim over the Essequibo and its silence over multiple actions carried out by Guayana in the area; despite the fact that Venezuelan Defense Minister, Chief Admiral, Carmen Meléndez, belongs to the Navy.

Moreover, the spokesperson -who asked not to be named- denounced that the Venezuelan Navy stopped patrolling the waters of the disputed area and part of the Venezuelan Atlantic Front, except for the Delta Platform.

The source also remarked that some officials at the Venezuelan Foreign Office were worried about this issue, particularly in the Border Division. Notwithstanding, Foreign Minister Elías Jaua has ignored their recommendations.

A second source from the Venezuelan Foreign Office confirmed that the divisions related to this matter have brought their remarks to Minister Jaua on the need for the State to protest against the granting of concessions in the Venezuelan Atlantic Front and in the disputed area. However, their advice has been overlooked.