APNU’s unemployment time bomb statement “perplexing” – PPP

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee

The PPP on Monday said it found the APNU’s recent statement on youth unemployment “incredulous” in light of the party’s vote against the legislation for the Amaila project which was seen as a flagship for development.

APNU Chairman David Granger last week told a news conference that the country was sitting on a “time bomb” where youth unemployment was concerned with the government only adopting short term solutions.

“We find the concern and statement by Mr. Granger perplexing as this is the very individual and his party by extension who only a few short weeks ago voted against crucial pieces of legislation in the National Assembly for the realisation of the Amaila Falls hydro project,” PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee told reporters.

He added that it was a common understanding globally that cheap and reliable energy was a cornerstone for the economic development of any nation since it fuels the expansion of the manufacturing sector, attracts both foreign and local investments thereby creating job opportunities.

“Mr. Granger and his party cannot on one hand sabotage efforts which will lead to the creation of jobs for Guyanese, particularly youths and then at the same time gripe about youth unemployment being a ticking time bomb,” Rohee said.

According to him, it is Granger who is sitting on a “time bomb.”

“He is running out of excuses and every time he utters a word, the magnitude of his misinformation to his constituents is being revealed.”

Rohee added that they will continue to monitor Granger’s “attempts at diffusing the rising resentment and anger at his and his party’s anti-nationalistic actions.”

Granger last week called for the set up of institutes in every region to address technology and agriculture as part of measures to tackle youth unemployment.