US arrests son of Suriname’s president

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Dino Bouterse

Dino Bouterse, son of  Suriname’s president, Desi Bouterse,  was arrested Thursday by the United States (US)  judicial authorities, the Surinamese news website, Starniews reported Friday.

This  happened in Panama. Officially, there are no announcements made ​​about the reason for his arrest. Star News learns that the Americans suspect him of arms trafficking. 

Starniews reported that Bouterse might have been entrapped during a conversation about a possible arms shipment.

The U.S. has formally notified the Surinamese  government.

Dino Bouterse’s links with the Guyanese village of Buxton, then a haven for heavily armed gangs had also caught the attention of the Guyana government.

In a  Wikileaked cable from  then US Ambassador to Guyana, Roland Bullen, he had noted that “Desi Bouterse’s son Dino organized a Surinamese soccer team’s trip to Buxton a few years ago. It is believed that the team bus carried weapons to Buxton.”