Body of man who killed children found

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Richard Lord

The body of the man, who hacked his children to death last month at their East Bank Essequibo home, was Saturday found hanging, police said.

The skeletal remains of the body of 26-year old Richard Lord were found hanging from a tree in a desolate and thickly vegetated area of the village of Zeelugt where he, his wife and two children lived.

“It is suspected that he committed suicide,” police said in a statement.

Lord had also chopped off the left hand of his reputed wife, 21-year old Bibi Nazruna Houston, and severed her left hand fingers.

Those chopped to death on July 31 were his five year old stepdaughter, Kimberley Houston, and their two year old son, Tarif Lord.

Police said Lord, who was a cane harvester, had used a cutlass to commit the brutal crime during yet another argument of Houston’s alleged unfaithfulness.

Investigators believed that Lord’s body was hanging there for at least three weeks because the skeleton was dried and hanging from the polyethylene rope. The skull was found on the ground, an indication that it had fallen off.

Two boys, who were catching crabs, made the discovery around midday and the police were summoned. Lord’s remains were positively identified by his sister-in-law and her husband, Naresh Samaroo.  Lord and Samaroo worked together as cane harvsters.

Police were previously told that Lord had been hiding out at Wilberforce where his father lived.