SURINAME: Five die in horrible four-vehicle accident

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

One of the vehicles involved in Saturday’s car accident in Paramaribo, Suriname. (GFCNews photo)

by Ivan Cairo
PARAMARIBO, Suriname, (De Ware Tijd)
Five individuals are confirmed dead while another is listed in critical condition after a horrible car accident here early Saturday morning. Four vehicles including a passenger’s bus were involved in the incident. Police spokeswoman Drophatie Ramkhelawan told reporters that the driver of one of the smaller cars was travelling at a fast rate over the east bound lane of the Jagernath Lachmon Street and allegedly lost control over the vehicle.

He crashed over the separation of the two lanes road, flipped several times and was subsequently rammed by the bus and another vehicle which were approaching from the opposite direction. The driver and his three passengers including two women died on the spot. Another victim from the other passenger’s car died while receiving emergency medical treatment in hospital.

A taxi driver who witnessed the crash told local newspaper ‘De Ware Tijd’ that two of the cars involved in the mishap were speeding. “They didn’t even stop for the road bumps”, said the eye-witnes. It appears that just seconds later one of the east-bound vehicles crashed into a light post and in attempt to avoid a crash the chasing car swerved around and eventually ended up in the path of the other approaching vehicles.

Several victims were thrown out of the vehicles on impact while several others were pinned in the wreckages. Fire fighters were summoned to the scene to free those injured passengers. With the latest deaths the number of road fatalities for this year jumped to 45.-.