Antigua court convicts two for murdering Guyanese butcher

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Rondel George

(CARIBARENA ANTIGUA).-Antigua St. John’s – The two men convicted for the murder of Rondel George were sentenced to life imprisonment in the High Court before Justice Keith Thom Tuesday.

George was a Guyanese national. His last address was Vivian Richards Street, where he lived with his girlfriend.

Lasana Riley and Jevorny Richards were charged with the capital offence after they ambushed, robbed, and murdered the 34-year-old butcher, who was on his way to purchase animals.

The incident took place in Bendals on August 21, 2010.

Before handing down the sentence, Justice Thom said, “The offence is a very serious one, murder. From the facts, it was carefully planned, and then executed. When the vehicle drove up, Kelvin Galloway and Rondel George were ambushed. Without provocation, a shot was fired. George died instantly. He was a young man, a father of four.”

Thom also referred to a social inquiry report, in which both men were branded as social nuisances, so much so that residents of Bendals are hoping they will not see the convicts again.

The report also hinted that since Richards started associating himself with 28-year-old Riley, his character changed.

Richards’ girlfriend is said to have warned him to cut ties with Riley.

On the day of the fatal shooting, the mother of Richards’ son is said to have asked him to babysit. He refused, opting to be with Riley.

With both men standing in the prisoners’ box, Justice Thom read the sentence.

On hearing the pronouncement, 35-year-old Richards seemed visibly shocked and seemed to have lost mobility temporarily. He was guided out of the courtroom.

Riley’s extremely sad face could offer no comfort to his weeping mother.

The wails of the inconsolable woman caught the attention of several others. She had to be quickly escorted outside to avoid the disruption of other court proceedings.