PERISCOPE: HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean

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Wadecia Donald (left) and Professor Edward Greene.

HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean was the subject of this week’s programme – Periscope. 

On this programme, United Nations Special Envoy on HIV in the Caribbean, Professor Edward Greene talks about, among other things, steps being taken by Caricom to decriminalize buggery and prostitution.

Also joining him was University of Guyana Communications Graduate, Wadecia Donald who discussed her findings about the way in which males and females are projected in Public Service Announcements on HIV and AIDS in Guyana. 

Ms. Donald also believes that persons from vulnerable groups should be given a greater opportunity to speak to fellow members of their constituency. 

To listen to this week’s edition of Periscope, please click the Green Play button. 

Periscope is usually broadcast on Saturdays 6 PM (Guyana and Eastern Caribbean Time) 5 PM ( in New York and Toronto) and 10 PM (London, UK). It can be heard on and on One Caribbean Radio in New York. 

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