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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Guyana’s Joint Opposition missed the opportunity for a Political Solution immediately after the 2011 elections

by David Hinds For any society to advance it has to settle a fundamental question—Who Governs? Such a settlement is even more urgent in countries, such as Guyana, which are deeply polarized along ethno-racial and political lines. From the time of the split of the nationalist movement in 1955, this question has haunted Guyana. The failure to adequately address and ...

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The PPP is being deceptive and selective on the issue of Proportionality; The Opposition should challenge the composition of the Cabinet in the courts

by David Hinds The PPP has, since the results of the last elections, discovered the virtues of proportionality. It’s their new mantra. They placed it at the top of the tripartite agenda. They have now asked the court to pronounce on allocation of seats on the parliamentary committees. So far so good. The problem is that the PPP is being ...

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The Catholic Church in politics then and now

by Carl B. Greenidge I read with utter fascination the account in the March 5th Edition of Demerara Waves an account of The Catholic Church’s contribution to views on the actions of the government and its Ministers in the aftermath of the debate on the two financial papers (7 & 8 under Bill#1 of 2012) laid in the House on ...

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