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GWI fires Lear Goring as Debt Recovery Manager

Lear Goring

Lear Goring

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) on Thursday decided to fire Lear Goring as the entity’s Debt Recovery Manager because he is unqualified for the position.

Goring, who was twice convicted for drug trafficking in the United States and deported, is a friend of GWI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard Van West Charles.

Following the specially convened board meeting, the utility company assured that his services were terminated because of his unsuitable qualifications and for no other reason.

“The decision comes following a review of Mr. Goring’s credentials, which do not satisfy the requirements outlined for the position.

It should also be noted that the decision taken was based solely on a review of his qualification for the job,” GWI said in a statement.

GWI said its Chairman, board of directors and management of GWI wish Goring all the best in his future endeavors. Goring was sent on administrative leave pending investigations into reports that he was not qualified for the position of Debt Recovery Manager.

Goring , a friend of Van West Charles, was hired without the position being advertised. Goring and Van West Charles are also directors of a private fuel importation company.

American court documents show that Goring was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine in 1995 and sentenced to 63 months and later deported.

During a failed naturalisation petition in 2002, the court was told that he had been convicted in 1990 for drugs trafficking and deported in 1993. He returned to the United States in 1995 with a forged passport and drugs.

The petition was dismissed in 2002.


  • Col123

    But…but..he has a MBA from Trump University!.. darn.. these ethnic witch hunting folks!

    • The Viper

      He didn’t have an MBA, he is currently “pursuing” a MBA.

      He also doesn’t have an under-graduate degree, so he basically has no pertinent qualification for a management position within a government agency.

      What i would like to know, since GWI’s statement states that he was released only because he is unqualified… what sanctions are going to be laid on the HR department for hiring an unqualified individual for a management position?

      • rudeo

        what sanction will be passed on the unqualified CEO?

  • Emile_Mervin

    At what point does the stumbling and tripping over each other in the Coalition stop?

    • rudeo

      It is beyond rational thinking…..fed up is the word!

    • Reason

      When the PNCR endorses socialism.

  • Col123

    Why is this report under the category of crime?…

    • ali majeed

      Lear Goring is not a friend of the MINISTER but a friend of the CEO.

      • Col123

        Thanks..I stand corrected..

        • Reason

          You must like all di atenshun

          • Col123

            eh eh!..yea boy…you appeared…the guys on the ground said that you were in jail with some robbery at the supermarket….another one said that you were working hard smelling chit for polio with nutting….and here you showed up with you narcissistic sociopath self writing stuff for money towards you rent!!

          • Reason

            You don’t have anything better to do dan talk name? Why y’all like gossip suh? You Guyanese males behave like real ….. men.

          • Col123

            They learn from you…see how that chit affects your thinking?..just hope that you don’t catch the polio virus boy..

          • Reason

            Whoooaaaa…hahahahaha. Wid every missive, you confirm my previous post.

  • rudeo

    In every instance when Bobby Ramroop’s name is mentioned it is followed by “Jagdeo’s best friend.”…..I am calling on the newspapers to include the description of Larry Singh, B. K. Tiwarie and Lear Goring as the “best friends of …..”….what goes for one should go for all


    van west charles is burnham son-in law so that makes him a crook so it’s no surprise that he is hiring crooks to work for him and look at the job he gave the guy debt recovery, you put a drug dealing deportee to recover debts, we Guyanese can really pick em, everybody in this new government is answerable to no one, everybody is doing their own thing, we took out a bunch of liars and thieves and installed a bunch of liars and egotistical idiots but the thieving will soon come.

  • Rexy Romeo

    This PNC government express GOOD sense of DICTATORSHIP…The have the horseman HARMON making all the calls. If Guyanese does not think he is the HAMMY GREEN from the BURHNAM/HOYTE era, then something is wrong. MOSES and RUMJAAT is just there to drink soup and collect their piece of the pie (Take a look at an article where JAGGY stated in 1.5 years MOSES made more funds hanging out with MAX BADAL (owner of Pegasus)…that any former PM of Guyana! All of these ministers has a little click going on with corruption to fraud tax payer dollars….crooks to the MAX!