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Racial slurs at centre of policewoman’s GY$150 million defamation lawsuit against lawyer

An Afro-Guyanese policewoman, who has accused an Indo-Guyanese lawyer of using racial slurs against her while she was on duty at his father’s residence, is seeking GY$150 million in damages for allegedly defaming her. “By reason of the publication of the said  column, the claimant has been severely injured in reputation, credit, subject to ridicule and lowered in the estimation ...

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Roysdale Forde supports Harmon for PNCR leadership; says no room for ‘Black people party’ tribalism

Prominent Attorney-at-Law, Roysdale Forde Thursday night came out with a ringing endorsement of Joseph Harmon for the leadership of their People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), saying there was no place for a tribal or divisive leader. Mr. Harmon has also publicly accused the governing largely Indo-backed People’s Progressive Party (PPP) of discrimination against Afro-Guyanese. In hailing incumbent leader David Granger’s ...

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Ethnic Relations Commission takes trio to court for exciting racial hatred

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) has taken three persons to court for allegedly inciting racial hatred or hostility among Guyanese, and one of them has since pleaded guilty, the commission said Thursday. “Based on the specific nature of their conduct and words, the charges against the defendants included causing ethnic/racial violence or hatred and exciting hostility or ill-will on the ...

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Ethnic Commission launches colouring book; hopes to get copies into schools

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) on Wednesday launched a colouring book to help promote racial and ethnic harmony across Guyana, and already that constitutional body intends to get copies into the schools through the Ministry of Education. Titled “Harmony Colouring Book – Colour our History and Heroes” , the  26-page publication, which was authored by Commissioner Barrington Braithwaite , features ...

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Research data, govt policy key to resolve race and ethnic problems -Nigel Hughes

Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes on Monday cited the need for scientific evidence about racial discrimination and economic disempowerment, to a meaningful National Conversation on Race and Ethnic Relations. Speaking during day-1 of the  two-day virtual event, Mr. Hughes said was needed to back-up certain statements in areas such as wealth and income distribution based on race. He said such data would ...

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WPA calls for CARICOM-supervised vote recount as basis for power sharing, constitutional reform

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Saturday night called for a Caribbean Community (CARICOM)-supervised national recount of votes if it is constitutional, but said the winner should set the groundwork for power-sharing within a set timeframe. “We reiterate our demand that following the examination of the ballot boxes which reveal the credibility of the elections, whichever party wins the most votes ...

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OPINION: Politicians must tackle racial divide head-on. But is it too late?

by GHK Lall Reference is made to the article within the Elections 2020 section of Stabroek News on February 3 titled, “Politicians need to tackle Guyana’s racial divide head-on.” It is certainly encouraging that there is this recognition, as belated as it is. I say this, because the racial divide, which I have been emphasizing from the loneliness of the ...

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PPP’s Irfan Ali appeals to PNCR-led coalition supporters for a hearing

Presidential candidate for the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC), Irfaan Ali on Friday appealed to non-traditional supporters to give him and his party a hearing and eventually cast their ballots for the party that last ruled Guyana for 23 unbroken years. In clear reference to Afro-Guyanese – that segment of the country’s population that has largely supported the People’s National ...

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