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Race and Ethnic Relations

Indo-Guyanese not being targeted- APNU+AFC

The opposition A Partnership or National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Saturday night , in the wake of condemnations by the People’s Progressive Party Civic-led administration that it is engaging in widespread discrimination against Afro-Guyanese, denied that it was targeting Indo-Guyanese.  “Let me say to my Indian brothers and sisters…I am saying to you: when ...

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Jordan recommends African Development Fund, scientific study of Afro-Guyanese socio-economic conditions

Former Finance Minister Winston Jordan on Sunday recommended the creation of an African Development Fund and urged the government-funded  International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly – Guyana (IDPADA-G) to conduct a data-driven scientific study on the social and economic plight of Afro-Guyanese. While IDPADA-G has conducted an analysis of the historical condition of enslaved Africans and their descendants, ...

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Time to force conversation on the distribution of Guyana’s oil wealth- Hughes, Hinds

African Guyanese were Sunday night- Emancipation Day Eve- urged to agitate for a national conversation on the distribution of Guyana’s oil wealth. Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes and Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Executive Member David Hinds issued stirring appeals in speeches at the “Buxton Black is Beautiful Emancipation Cultural Programme”. Mr Hughes recommended that an analysis be conducted to ascertain how much ...

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Racial slurs at centre of policewoman’s GY$150 million defamation lawsuit against lawyer

An Afro-Guyanese policewoman, who has accused an Indo-Guyanese lawyer of using racial slurs against her while she was on duty at his father’s residence, is seeking GY$150 million in damages for allegedly defaming her. “By reason of the publication of the said  column, the claimant has been severely injured in reputation, credit, subject to ridicule and lowered in the estimation ...

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Race relations, not oil sector is Guyana’s biggest problem- Granger

Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), David Granger on Sunday- African Emancipation Day- said race relations was Guyana’s major problem rather than the burgeoning oil sector. “Guyana’s big problem is the problem of social cohesion. You may think that there are other problems- oil and the economy  and so on. The biggest problem we have is the ethnic ...

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Attorney General suggests APNU+AFC Walton-Desir’s comments illegal

Attorney General Anil Nandlall has indicated that utterances by opposition lawmaker, Amanza Walton-Desir violate Guyana’s laws. “Racial discrimination is a wrong. It is an illegal act. It is outlawed by the most Supreme Law of our country,” he said. Mr. Nandlall said Guyana’s Constitution protects citizens against racial discrimination. “Racial discrimination is something that the constitution protects Guyanese from as ...

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APNU+AFC’s Walton-Desir, Roshan Khan quarrel that she must be “marked” for “mentally lazy people” remark

Opposition APNU+AFC parliamentarian Amanza Walton-Desir said she told police that she feared City businessman Roshan Khan’s call for her to be “marked” because she said the support-base of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was “mentally lazy people.” But Mr. Khan later appeared on YouTube, defending his call for her to be “marked”, saying he was merely urging Indo-Guyanese to ignore ...

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Ethnic Relations Commission takes trio to court for exciting racial hatred

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) has taken three persons to court for allegedly inciting racial hatred or hostility among Guyanese, and one of them has since pleaded guilty, the commission said Thursday. “Based on the specific nature of their conduct and words, the charges against the defendants included causing ethnic/racial violence or hatred and exciting hostility or ill-will on the ...

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Ethnic Commission launches colouring book; hopes to get copies into schools

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) on Wednesday launched a colouring book to help promote racial and ethnic harmony across Guyana, and already that constitutional body intends to get copies into the schools through the Ministry of Education. Titled “Harmony Colouring Book – Colour our History and Heroes” , the  26-page publication, which was authored by Commissioner Barrington Braithwaite , features ...

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