President asks teachers to be patient

Last Updated on Friday, 9 February 2024, 21:49 by Denis Chabrol

President Irfaan Ali

President Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Friday pleaded with teachers to exercise patience as the government continues working to gradually improve the working conditions for every category of worker.

“Everybody believes that all our resources are available now. In 2027, that is when the real revenue growth would be seen in the country. And I have said to our teachers, nurses, and public servants that we are committed to giving them the best life possible. There is no need to politicise. Surely, the present situation with the teachers has been overtaken by political expediency,” he was quoted as saying by government’s Department of Public Information.

He was at the time speaking at the opening of the Guyana Technical Training College Facility Stimulator in Port Mourant on Friday.

He said the government is building out a robust framework to elevate the type of education that is meted out in Guyana to a world-class level.

Many teachers across the country have been engaged in an industrial action, prompted by the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU)

According to the president, this strike appears to be purely political, and not influenced by genuine concern for the well-being of teachers.

He urged the nation’s educators to avoid being used as political pawns and reminded them of the government’s unwavering love, respect, and appreciation of their sterling contributions to the country.

The Guyanese leader also encouraged them to focus on the developments to come in the medium term.

According to President Ali, the government is working to gradually enhance the welfare packages of all categories of workers. This approach is designed to foster sustainable wealth and boost the net value of all Guyanese.

“This government will ensure that the total package is the best welfare package they can have in the region. We are committed to this, but you have to have patience. Coming on to the end of this year, we are going to have a total evaluation by category of workers, so that we can have an intervention that is even more structured and that will bring more benefits. But, all of us have to give a little in this process of incremental development. In the process of this year, an evaluation will be made for all categories of our workers,” the head of state pledged.

Based on this tremendous growth that is unfolding, the president said there is no need for teachers to ‘push against a hurricane’, as the country’s development trajectory promises bountiful returns for every Guyanese.

“You do not need to push at the PPP/C government to improve your welfare. We will do it unconditionally,” the president noted.