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GMSA launches first manufacturers’ summit

Last Updated on Monday, 27 November 2023, 21:22 by Denis Chabrol The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) on Monday launched the inaugural “GMSA IMPACK Manufacturers’ Summit”, scheduled for March 2024. The association said that landmark event will bring together major Caribbean players to address challenges and explore opportunities in various manufacturing sectors, with a focus on enhancing Guyana’s competitive ...

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Venezuela’s seizure of Essequibo will dent domestic aviation operations- Public Works Minister

Last Updated on Monday, 27 November 2023, 21:17 by Denis Chabrol Guyana’s Public Works Minister, Juan Edghill on Monday said if Venezuela seizes Essequibo, the domestic aviation sector would nosedive because most of the traffic is to and from that county. “If Venezuela is allowed its false and disruptive plan to take Essequibo by force and the use of unlawful ...

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Cathy Hughes prepares High Court, Inter-American Human Rights Commission complaints against Jagdeo’s “low-life” remark

Last Updated on Monday, 27 November 2023, 7:46 by Denis Chabrol High Court action looms to compel govt to establish Human Rights Commission The Guyana government is being called upon to establish the constitutionally required Human Rights Commission (HRC) to allow people to seek redress for violation of their rights, and to seek an advisory opinion from the Inter-American Commission ...

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OPINION: President Ali wooing international community, Guyanese must manage their expectations

Last Updated on Monday, 27 November 2023, 6:43 by Denis Chabrol by GHK Lall President Ali has been busy, burns up a tremendous amount of energy in getting out Guyana’s side of the story in its now heated border controversy with neighboring Venezuela.  Credit is due for effort, and I give it.  The president has appealed to, and leaned on, ...

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OPINION: No referendum needed in Guyana

Last Updated on Monday, 27 November 2023, 7:48 by Denis Chabrol By Dr. Randy Persaud, Professor Emeritus International relations are different from international politics. The former is concerned with the routine matters in interstate interactions, and managed mostly by bureaucrats who follow standard operating procedures. The latter, however, are in the domain of high politics. At this level, the issue ...

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