OPINION: Instead of dogs of war, dregs of society

Last Updated on Monday, 11 September 2023, 9:06 by Denis Chabrol

by GHK Lall

Before proceeding, I tip my hat to Attorney General Mohabir Anil Nandlall, SC, MP., for announcing the withdrawal of that law firm bid for a $9.6 million public contract.  It is the wise and honorable thing to do, sir.  Well done.  Now to today’s focus.

I always wondered why Vice President Jagdeo do almost everything.  Now I know why.  It is because he is surrounded by pretensive geniuses, when the best they will ever be is intellectually dishonest, depravedly dishonorable.  I did them a favor by elevating to dogs of war status, only for it to be confirmed that the lowest dregs of society is the PPP’s supporting cast.

One comrade, a mental tot among men, gave them a useless toy, and it was Old Year’s Nite in September.  Peel back the layers, and what quickly becomes obvious is that child soldiers are used for dirty work.  These guys do love dirt and the gutter, don’t’ they?  In this country they own the gutter, the whole length.  A man minute in intellect who thinks highly of himself, those are the most dangerous kind.  They were a dime a dozen where I came from, with 12 cents change left.   A house built on foundations of frailty is inevitably going to be a casualty of its own notoriety.

I keep telling these guys, there is nothing to take the place of truth, nothing to trump it.  Stop wriggling, wiggling.  Most unbecoming, I say.

These fellows in the PPP are so dissociated from what is honest and principled that any fishing expedition will do.  They are firing away, releasing in deliriums of ecstasy their pent-up hatreds.  Man, it is the high of a general elections victory.  Dancing for joy they are, not realizing the pathetic figures they cut, but not caring of the spectacle they make of themselves because they really do believe that they finally have something to celebrate.  Not even Exxon announcing a 5 billion barrel of oil discovery would generate such gyrations in the PPP.  They have nothing, but it doesn’t matter, for they will take it and make it into something.  Anything to remove the stiletto in their eye, and the pain in their necks.  Yes, I can talk about unethical and unprincipled people in the PPP because they are there.  I see their snakelike shadows coming out from Robb Street and Office of the President and Office of the Prime Minister, and other offices of evil in this darkened State.  Citizens have come to that conclusion, not I.

It is hunting season and a feeding frenzy in the secret society that has long been the hallmark of the PPP.  As the song says (Charley Pride), “When snakes crawl at night” which is most fitting.  I have never in my life seen so many snakes in suits.  Like the old saying goes put a snake in a suit and it is still a snake.  There they are shaking a mailed fist at one who has laid them low, and who has this assurance for them all: the day is still young; it be long.  Call it, stirring up ants’ nest.  My brothers in suits will do anything for a dollar, the dirtier the better.  A man snaps a finger, and there they are taking off like mindless lost souls.

I knew there was anger, and pent-up hatred in the PPP.  But never would have thought that it was this much.  Look at these superstars and self-appointed sleuths who fabricate circumstances and lubricate narratives to suit their master’s caprices.  The nastier, slimier, dirtier, the better.  They have proved nothing, have exposed nothing, have delivered nothing that can stand anywhere.  Unsurprising is that the whole pack of them weighed together stand for nothing, represent nothing.  If this is the best that Guyana and the PPP have to take us into the 22nd century, then this country is toast.  If these are the patriots that are arrayed against Exxon, it is no wonder that Mistah Routledge rides all of them as if they are docile beasts.  They are in numerous senses of the word.  This is a sorry state for a rich society.  It is sorrier still when this is all that the best and brightest amounts to: deceiving.  Manufacturing. Premeditating the sinister.  Preplanning the criminal.  And all to stick it to one solitary citizen standing in their way.

They may fool themselves, and some others, that they are onto something.  They have nothing.  Look at me: a vagabond, but free as a bird, and feeling sorry for the whole bunch of these ethical midgets, these unprincipled pipsqueaks.  Here is a line for them to ponder: when it the last time many in the PPP had anything to do with truth?  Straight truth?  Simple truth?  Ordinary, everyday truth?  The whole truth?  From truth comes honor and decency and delf-respect.  Note mine is intact, stronger than before, with all this attention now.  If anyone thinks that they are dealing with the vanquished: deh lie.  They really don’t know of what they speak, or whom they have before them.