“Demon”, accomplice charged with assaulting policeman

Last Updated on Monday, 8 May 2023, 17:04 by Denis Chabrol

A well-known businessman from Vigilance, East Coast Demerara and a construction worker from nearby Friendship  have been charged with assaulting a policeman to prevent them from being arrested.

Mark “Demon” Cromwell,41,  and Kessee Edwards were also charged with several offences connected to the fracas that occurred on Friday afternoon on the Turkeyen Access Road, Greater Georgetown.

Mr Cromwell was charged with assault with intent to prevent lawful apprehension, abusive language, and disorderly behaviour. He pleaded not guilty and was remanded to prison until May 17, 2023, for statements.

Mr Edwards was charged with dangerous driving, uncertified motor vehicle, failure to comply with police directions, prohibition of tinted glass, failure to wear a seatbelt, assault with intent to prevent lawful apprehension, disorderly behaviour, abusive language, and leaving motor vehicle in a dangerous position

Police alleged that Mr Edwards assaulted Traffic Constable Harlequin and bit his left ear.  Mr Cromwell later arrived on the scene and together they allegedly assaulted the policeman, according to the police force.

Constable Harlequin told investigators that he and a colleague intercepted motor vehicle PAD 3136 which was heavily tinted and driven at the time by Mr Edwards. The policeman said he approved the driver, told him of the offence of tinted motor vehicle and invited him to the Sparendaam Police Station, where his vehicle would be inspected by a License and Certifying Officer.

Constable Harlequin said the driver refused and drove off at a fast speed, and in the process, the car’s front wheel went over Constable Harlequin’s right foot. The traffic policeman said he boarded a police force vehicle, chased the vehicle and intercepted it at Turkeyen access road in the vicinity of MovieTowne.

He said Mr Edwards exited his vehicle, approached Constable Harlequin, and told him that someone called ‘Demon’ was on the phone and started using a series of expletives towards him. Constable Harlequin then called 911 Emergency for assistance.

A short while later, Constable Harlequin said another man arrived on the scene by car and started using a series of expletives towards him. Constable Harlequin told Kessee Edwards of the multiple offences he had committed, cautioned him, and later told him that he was under arrest.

According to the policeman, Mr Edwards started to behave in a disorderly manner and bit Constable Harlequin on his left ear.  He said  Edwards and the other man started attacking and cuffing him several times.