Guyana govt’s petroleum website hacked apparently by Venezuelans

Last Updated on Sunday, 9 April 2023, 22:26 by Denis Chabrol

The Guyana government’s petroleum website was hacked and replaced with a Venezuelan map that includes Guyana’s Essequibo Region, shortly after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) dismissed Caracas’ position that Britain is an indispensable party to the case.

Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharrat confirmed that was hacked and said the incident was being addressed by the National Data Management Authority (NDMA). Up to Sunday night that website remained offline.

Another top Natural Resources Ministry official said that while information from the hacked website had also been posted on other government websites, the compromised portal contained vital information about Guyana’s inaugural bid round for 14 offshore blocs. “As part of the transparency and accountability initiative, all information on production, sale, and tender.

The official sought to assure that the bid round process would not be affected by the cyberattack “because that  is being done through a different url.”

The pro-Venezuelan banner has since been removed but there is no content, the PSA (Production Sharing Agreement), everything is on that site.

“At the moment, no one could access the data but remember we do have information available on other servers that are untouched,” the official added.

Guyana last year complained bitterly to social media giants that Venezuelan persons and organisations have flagrantly disregarded the internationally-recognised established borders of this former British colony.