PNCR’s Region 9 office dismantled; REO says it’s govt property

Last Updated on Thursday, 2 March 2023, 9:07 by Denis Chabrol

The building, which housed the People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) office in Lethem, Region Nine for the past 43 years, was early Thursday morning demolished, party official Carl Parker said.

He claimed that Claims and Objections reports that should have been submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission on Thursday were destroyed. He also said the history of the PNCR in Lethem, 11 barrels of clothing for distribution, three brush cutters and electronic equipment were all missing or destroyed.

The PNCR official said he and his party colleague were prevented from entering the building at the time of the operation.

Mr Parker said a Lethem resident and several Venezuelan migrants dismantled the roof and other parts of the building shortly after midnight. “We have reached the lowest ebb in the history of Lethem where the police have been instructed to supervise the destruction of the PNCR office in Lethem,” he said in a video statement.

However, Regional Executive Officer Karl Singh said the property belongs to the State. He said several notices were issued to the occupants to vacate the premises.

Mr Parker, who is a former Region Nine REO, denied receiving any notice and said if there is a dispute, the matter should be taken to court. “The issue of property dispute cannot be settled on the road. It has to be settled in court,” Mr Parker added. He said Mr Singh went to the location some time ago with labourers.

Asked if there were supporting records to prove ownership, he said the PNCR’s headquarters would have those.

Describing the dismantling of the party’s office in Lethem as a “sad day,” Mr Parker also criticised party members in the southern Guyana town for failing to come out and defend their office. “The sad thing, though, is that we tried to mobilise our members, our members are sleeping…If we had come outhere in force, the police wouldn’t have stopped us. It would have been a different story,” he said.