PNCR’s Mursaline asks to withdraw resignation as party Treasurer

Last Updated on Monday, 9 January 2023, 23:45 by Denis Chabrol

Just over one week after resigning from the post of Treasurer of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) due to concerns about financial accountability, Mr Faaiz Mursalene wants to pull back the resignation and continue as the man to oversee the coffers.

Mr Mursalene said he is confident that PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton and a number of other Central Executive Committee (CEC) members would vote for his return. “I have support from the Leader and other CEC members in the party that I withdraw my resignation and continue as Treasurer,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

In requesting that the CEC approves the withdrawal of his resignation from the post of Treasurer, he blamed unknown persons for his decision. “This is to inform you that on reflection and an understanding of the reasons of those who pushed me to resign as Treasurer of our party,  I wish to withdraw my resignation as Treasurer of the PNCR,” he said.

Mr Mursalene pledged his loyalty to the PNCR and hoped that the CEC would consider that matter. “Ima fully supportive of the party and wish to carry out the mandate of our members elected me to do,” he said.

When contacted, Mr Mursaline said he met with PNCR Leader on Monday at 5 PM. He, however, refused to provide details about what might have been done to address concerns about alleged racial hostility towards him a well-known PNCR activist, instead opting  to state that it is internal party business.

Mr Norton has already admitted publicly that Mr Mursaline had been signing blank cheques only because he lives in Corriverton and does not travel to Georgetown each day. The PNCR Leader said upon affixing the second signature supporting documentation is provided. “Our internal business will stay internal and the party must be put in front of personal grievances. The party must stand united and iron out the differences internally. Today that was my message to the leader at a meeting with him this morning,” he said.

For his part, Mr Norton has already said he has not received any complaint of racial hostility from Mr Mursaline.