Suspected bandits allegedly committed spate of robberies after stealing car

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 August 2022, 22:42 by Denis Chabrol

Emmanuel Hale

The five men, who were arrested Thursday morning after a high-speed chase, allegedly committed several robberies as they moved about in a stolen car in whose trunk they locked the driver, police said.

Police say one of the four suspected bandits, who were arrested during an exchange of gunfire, has admitted that they robbed more than five persons after they stole the car from Shamo’s Taxi Service, Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. 

Investigators say 18-year old Emmanuel Hale recounted that the  other accomplices picked him up from work at Dawn Cari Hotel, Public Road, Georgetown and they went to Vryheid’s Lust.

He said there Rawle “Rawle Dog” Franklyn, Romario ‘Mario’ Hudson and Hamza “Bad Coolie” Samuels, who were all armed with handguns, held a taxi driver at gunpoint and placed him in the trunk before driving off.

Samuels,32, was also questioned by police.

Police said they were told that Hudson went to ‘B’ Field Sophia and handed over his car to ‘Foxy’, and then they all boarded the stolen car. They all reportedly went to 10th Street, Cummings Lodge, where they saw a man and robbed him of $10,000. They then proceeded to Ogle, Airstrip Road where they held up 53-year-old Madan Ramdeo of Cummings Lodge and a female who was in a motorcar and relieved them of cash and cellular phones. Police say they then went to Campbell  Avenue, Campbellville, where in the vicinity of Tropical View Hotel they went into a motorcar and took out a  haversack containing money, a  cellphone and a passport. At the time, a 43-year old businessman of Toronto was sleeping. According to police, they were told that the men then proceeded to Lamaha Street, Queenstown where they saw a man in a Tundra and they held him at gunpoint and relieved him of a cellular phone and $25,000.00 cash.

They also admitted to several other robberies under arms within the Region 4A police district. 

According to investigators, Samuel also stated that he was armed with a handgun and after they were trying to escape from the police he hid the firearm in a yard.

As a result police went with him to 110 West Ruimveldt Estate Housing Scheme, where he pointed out the location and a 9MM Taurus Pistol without magazine and a 9MM ammunition were found. 

Police say they then searched the home of 43-year old Georgiana Grant of lot 345 D Field Sophia.

She is Hudson’s mother.

Police say they found two magazines along with sixteen live 9MM ammunition and twelve .32 ammunition along with three televisions, one laptop computer, four cellular phones and more than two kilogrammes of marijuana.

Police have so far not arrested Hudson.

They were all arrested shortly after losing control of the car and slamming into a barrier in the vicinity of Hunter Street nearby DSL.

Police say they returned fire after one of the men shot at them while escaping from the car on foot. Police said Franklyn a known character to the police was seen lying on the northern parapet bleeding from injuries, while Newyear was seen lying in a yard with injuries.