Speeding drivers on new four lane highway risk losing licences

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 April 2022, 21:24 by Denis Chabrol

President Irfaan Ali on Wednesday announced that a high-tech system will be activated next week on the new $2.3 billion four-lane concrete highway from Mandela Avenue to Eccles that could eventually see speeding drivers losing their licences.

“The adjustment of the laws would come where necessary to activate the demerit system for drivers so that those who continuously abuse the road would lose their licence so this is the new feature on this highway and you can’t accuse any police officer of shooting the speed gun and tell the man he set the speed gun and then shot the vehicle speed,” he said.

Dr Ali explained that there would be a monthly printout and the tickets would be sent to drivers’ homes after which the tickets would have to be paid to the Guyana Revenue Authority. He warned that those who do not pay the tickets would be blocked from getting the required documents to continue driving legally. “Should you default on your ticket, your registration, your road use license would not be renewed the following year. Simple! One Guyana means responsibility, discipline, commitment,” he said.

He said the relevant legislation would be amended to back up the system that would include sensors and cameras that would capture vehicle numbers, pictures of drivers and front seat occupants and speed. The President said that data would be shared electronically with the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). “In three weeks, the full security feature on this highway will be turned on. This feature would track vehicle speed, it will pop your speed up so you can see it,” he said.

The President remarked that a review of the speed at the roundabout showed that the average truck was driving at 60 miles per hour (MPH). “That is the speed of death,” he said.

The President said the high-tech monitoring system on the Mandela Avenue to Eccles Highway would be linked to the Safe City and Safe Country Solutions.

He also outlined that by 2025, there would be a network of highways and industrial developments on the East and West Demerara to allow for easy and convenient movement to and from several destinations as well as opening up thousands of acres.

Authorities expect the Mandela to Eccles Highway would ease traffic congestion on the East Bank corridor and save valuable time.