Civilian accuses Bartica traffic policemen of assault, threats

Last Updated on Monday, 28 February 2022, 16:46 by Denis Chabrol

One of the policemen who was at the scene of the scuffle between his colleagues and a traffic offender

A civilian is alleging that he has been beaten and threatened by police during a traffic stop.

The man, named Christopher Creighton, of Bartica has released a video on Facebook showing what appears to be part of an account of what transpired.

In the video a man is heard threatening to murder someone.

The Guyana Police Force says its Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the allegations posted on social media against police stationed at Bartica.

Mr. Creighton alleges that the traffic police assaulted and used threatening language towards him during a traffic stop.

Police say that he was stopped on February  26 on Third Avenue, Bartica and requested to produce his driver’s licence and documents for the motorcycle that he was driving. 

According to police, Mr. Creighton had none of the documents requested by the police in his possession at the time and also refused to take a breathalyser test.

As a result, Christopher Creighton was arrested and taken to the Bartica Police Station. 

Police say he was subsequently released and placed on self bail and his motorcycle returned to him the very day. The documents requested had been brought to the station while he was in custody.

Creighton returned to the Bartica Police Station on Monday morning and reported that he had been assaulted and verbally threatened by the police during the incident.


He was escorted to the Bartica Hospital to be medically examined and a statement was taken from him.