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GDF announces list of promoted officers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 February 2022, 10:36 by Denis Chabrol

In accordance with Part III Section 16 of the Defence Act 15:01 of 1977, the Chief of Staff (ag)Brigadier Godfrey Bess is pleased to announce that His Excellency the President and Commander-in-Chief Dr. Irfaan Ali has approved the promotion of 69 Officers with effect from January 01,2022.

Of the total, 47 of those Officers are from the Regular Force, two are from the Coast Guard and 21 are from the Guyana Defence Force Reserve (Guyana People’s Militia).

Heading the list of promoted Officers is Major Julian Archer who has been promoted to the rank of Substantive Lieutenant Colonel. Majors Courtney Mendonca, Greasels Hinckson, and Nigel Langhorne have also been promoted to the rank of Substantive Lieutenant Colonel.

One acting Major, Major Joslyn Assannah has been made Substantive in his rank while Eight Substantive Captains have been promoted to Substantive Majors.

The following Substantive Captains are newly promoted Majors:

Substantive Captain Charles Bradford

Substantive Captain Ron Williams

Substantive Captain Keisha Aaron

Substantive Captain Nellon McKenzie

Substantive Captain Mwana McDonald

Substantive Captain Michael Andrews

Substantive Captain Budeshwar Persaud

Substantive Captain Tito Blacket

Below is the list of the Substantive Lieutenants who have been promoted to the rank of Substantive Captain.

Substantive Lieutenant Deon Drakes

Substantive Lieutenant Orandi Francois

Substantive Lieutenant Patrick Farley Grant

Substantive Lieutenant Gevon Mc Almont

Substantive Lieutenant Kaya Dover

Substantive Lieutenant Kevveon Lewis

Substantive Lieutenant Robin Rogers

Substantive Lieutenant Winette Smartt

Substantive Lieutenant Jashawn Norville

Substantive Lieutenant Keon Stoby

Additionally, twenty Second Lieutenants in the Regular Force and have been made Substantive Lieutenants. They are Second Lieutenants Ivor Semple, Kevon Blunt,Lt Romain Wilson, Joel Browne, Shaka Williams, Floyd Phillips, Jamaal Leitch, Shaquille Wilson,Delon Willis, Sevon Ferreira, Romain Lindo, Reon Lall, Shane Blair, Shevin Sparman, Troy Hestick, Neon Fiedtkou, Andio Crawford, Shivanand Persaud, Kevin Wills and Seabra Manbode.

In the Coast Guard, Sub Lieutenant (CG) Neil McDonald has been promoted to the rank of Substantive Lieutenant (CG) and Mid Shipman Rolwyn Heywood has been promoted to the rank of Substantive Sub Lieutenant (CG).

Meanwhile in the Reserve, Captain Shawn Legall is heading the list of promoted Officers. He has been promoted to the rank of Substantive Major. Nineteen

Reserve Second Lieutenants have also been promoted to the rank of Substantive Second Lieutenant.

Below is the list of the Reserve Second Lieutenants who have been promoted to the rank of Substantive Lieutenants.

Second Lieutenant Tyon Phillips

Second Lieutenant Sando George

Second Lieutenant Brian Jeffrey

Second Lieutenant Eon Sampson,

Second Lieutenant Curtis Emmanuel

Second Lieutenant Jonathan Forde

Second Lieutenant Desiree Ross

Second Lieutenant Delon Earle

Second Lieutenant Robert Skeete

Second Lieutenant Curtis Charles

Second Lieutenant Jermaine Slater

Second Lieutenant Afesha Ross

Second Lieutenant Ramish Baichoo

Second Lieutenant Tashauna Tang

Second Lieutenant Orlando Alexander

Second Lieutenant Shevon Sampson

Second Lieutenant Trevaugh Waldron

Second Lieutenant Alexis Williams

Second Lieutenant Davin Washington

The Chief of Staff, Brigadier Godfrey Bess, Senior Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior Non- Commissioned Officers, Soldier and Civilian employees of the Force extend congratulations to the newly promoted Officers.

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