Curfew scrapped but limits imposed on certain activities

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 February 2022, 17:09 by Denis Chabrol

Although the COVID-19 curfew has been discontinued with immediate effect, the Official Gazette continues to prohibit a range of activities including parties but allows certain activities for a maximum of 10 persons.

The new order made under the Public Health Ordinance, like the previous orders, states that no person shall, host, attend or visit a private party, banquet, ball or reception, waterpark, wake or vigil, club or discotheque, meeting of a fraternal society, private or social club or civic organisation or association or “any other social activity.”

The order states no person shall promote a private party. Also still prohibited is the holding of recreational activities on any river, creek, beach or internal waters.

The order, however, allows persons to exercise in public places if they are six feet apart.  Similarly, pools,  gyms or fitness centres can open at 50 percent capacity but they must all be vaccinated.

The order states that sporting events are permitted subjected to the approval of the Central Board of Health and compliance with any guidelines the board may issue. “Every person or organiser hosting an approved sporting event shall be responsible for ensuring that the measures under these regulations as well as any guidelines that the Board may issue are complied with,” the new COVID guidelines state.

*Casinos and betting shops- can operate at 40 percent capacity of the building or seating area

*Cinema may operate at 60 percent capacity of the building or seating area

*Indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants and bars are restricted to 60 percent capacity and tables are spaced six feet apart from each other and no more than six patrons are seated six feet apart

*All places of religious worship may be opened for religious services and gatherings including the conduct of funeras and weddings but they are restricted to 60 percent capacity and 45 minutes apart if there are multiple services

In all cases, staff , patrons and congregants must be fully vaccinated and they must wear masks.