Surinamese, Guyanese companies team up for lighting to embellish wood products

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 November 2021, 8:30 by Denis Chabrol

CEO of Floor-It, Andre Cummings addressing the launch of the joint venture with SEOS International

The Suriname-headquartered SEOS Solutions has teamed up with the Guyanese-owned value-added wood products company, Floor-It, in a US$1 million investment in Guyana that will focus on improved lighting and energy efficiency.

Chief Executive Officer of Floor-It, Andre Cummings said SEOS International would be providing the “missing link” for his wood products. “The home improvement products that we offer to clients, there is a missing link. The link is missing in order to accentuate these products and bring out their elements and you know that link is what?- Lights! Not anymore. We have found that missing link, that missing piece of the puzzle and today we’re joining forces with SEOS International and together we will serve the Guyanese market with sustainable products, with eco-friendly products” he said at the launch.

Floor-It, which has a branch in Jamaica,  produces hardwood flooring, kitchen cabinets and cupboard.

SEOS International’s Chief Operations Officer, Said Muntslag said the company planned to first provide energy efficient solutions to government and large-scale private sector clients ahead of getting them to convert from fossil-fuel energy to solar energy sources. That model, he explained, would see consumers purchasing the energy from SEOS International for a “fixed fee” over a long period instead of making the upfront investment to convert to solar energy. “It’s a turnkey solution for them but also the fact that they can purchase their energy at a fixed price over the next twenty years,” he said, adding that would be an advantage because energy prices continue to increase.

CEO of SEOS International, Said Muntslag speaking at the partnership with Floor-It

SEOS International said  that solar energy model was being worked out with commercial banks, government as well as examining the engineering and logistic requirements to “build this vision to light.”

The CEO explained that his company was ready to ensure that consumers use energy efficiently as possible before they transition to solar energy.

Mr. Muntslag said that during the coming months, SEOS International hoped to offer its energy solutions to companies in the oil and gas sector to ensure the lighting is provided to required standards.

Asked why SEOS International teamed up with Floor-It, he acknowledged that his company could conduct the business on its own but the partnership would allow for sharing resources to maximise opportunities and develop local content.

President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Timothy Tucker, speaking at the launch of the joint venture, hailed the business linkage as an example of local content for Guyanese. “The majority of things is local content, it’s adding value to local wood…anything to boost local content, anything to show that Guyanese can have the capabilities, have the know how. We definitely need partners. This is what we are looking for to add and make sure that we have the capacity,” he said.

Mr.  Muntslag explained that users of lighting products focus on the benefits such as the type of lights, energy reduction, ambience. “One of the new services that we are introducing here is lighting as a service where we will give you what you need which is light and then we will do the designs,” he told reporters.

SEOS International, which also has a branch in Belize, said it would meet the “up-front investment” to purchase, install and maintain public, roadway and government buildings as part of a five to 10 year contract to ensure that they perform as expected.

He said the company has provided its service to airports, oil and gas companies, mining companies, and hotels.

SEOS International’s representative is Philips Lighting, and the company also provides energy efficient water heating and water conservation.

Action Invest Caribbean that helped to match Floor-It with SEOS International.