Police Force faces shortage of investigators; 19.4 percent reduction in crime

Last Updated on Monday, 15 November 2021, 12:57 by Denis Chabrol

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Wendell Blanhum on Friday bemoaned the shortage of investigators, even as he released figures showing an overall 19.4 percent reduction in crime.

“There is an inadequate amount of investigators to police all ten regions,” he said

He attributed the shortage of these key personnel to resignations, retirements, transfers to other regions as part of disciplinary actions for infractions and an absence of training of investigators due to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Mr. Blanhum  said the Guyana Police Force has lost a number of its investigators to security companies. Lamenting the resignation of one of the police force dog handlers in whom almost US$100,000 in training had been invested, the Crime Chief said specialised persons would have to sign contracts.  “Very soon, this is something that the administration of the force is looking at. We’re going to have these persons in whom we have invested a lot of money to train to sign contracts,” he said.

Mr. Blanhum said a number of members of the Guyana Police Force had absented themselves from court and the matters were dismissed and, in other course, law enforcement agents had been in collusion with criminals.

National figures show that to date there are 119 homicides compared to 133 for last year; 335 robberies with firearms this year and 477 last year; 171 robberies with other instruments this year compared to 272 last year; 80 instances of robbery with violence this year and 74 last year; 26 reports of robbery with aggravation this year and 47 last year year; 49 reports of larceny from this person this year and 113 last year; 254 reports of rape this year and 163 last year; 89 burglaries this year and 140 last year; and 550 reports of break and enter and larceny this year and 664 last year.

Overall, the statistics show that there are 1,700 reports crimes for  this year compared to 2,109 last year.