Former Police Sergeant freed of murder charge after prosecutor says there’s no evidence

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 October 2021, 23:05 by Denis Chabrol

Former Police Sergeant, Colin Bailey.

High Court Judge, Joann Barlow on Wednesday ordered a jury to return a not guilty verdict in favour of then police sergeant Colin Bailey who had been accused of the murder of his wife, Sirmattie Ramnaress , at their home at Diamond, East Bank Demerara in 2013.

“There is Something fundamentally wrong with a justice system when a citizen can be charged, committed and indicted when there is no evidence connecting the citizen with the commission of the offence.

When that happens it sends the wrong message to society and persons believe that the system of trial by one’s peers is broken, persons cast aspersions at the judiciary because these persons do not know that from its inception the case
was doomed to fail,” the judge said.

Defence Lawyer, Nigel Hughes said the prosecution told the court that from the inception there was never any evidence to charge Bailey on February 24, 2016. He related that the court directed that a verdict of not guilty be recorded. He is released.

His co-accused, Colin Grant, who had previously denied responsibility for Ramnaress’ murder has since admitted to the lesser count of manslaughter. He is to be sentenced to November 2, 2021 after a probation report is submitted.

Police had found Ramnaress’ laptop in Grant’s possession as well as the woman’s diamond ring  that he presented to his girlfriend for her birthday.