Update: Men killed at mining camp identified

Last Updated on Thursday, 5 August 2021, 13:54 by Denis Chabrol

Two men have been killed at a mining camp at Blackwater, several miles from Eteringbang, police said.

They are General Manager Richard Bachan and Security Officer Niles whose bodies were found in  their hammocks in the watch camp.

“From appearances it appears that Niles had been bludgeoned to the head and Bachan possibly stabbed or shot,” Police said

The AR 15 that Niles was armed with is reportedly missing. They were supposedly the only two persons at the ‘watch camp’ at the time.

The owner of the mining camp, Kevin Faerber also known as Kevin Singh, declined to immediately provide details about the incident.

Police say Mr. Singh reported on Thursday morning that his workers discovered the bodies of the dead miners,  informed him and he reported the incident to the law enforcement agency.

About 08:00 hours on August 5 Kevin Faerber, said he received information from workers at his camp that about 6:00  AM Thursday morning upon arrival at the work ground they met the men dead.

Police said the mats from the sluice box are also said to be missing.

A party of policemen are enroute to conduct investigations.