‘Thick Slice’ arrested for allegedly robbing fisherman

Last Updated on Sunday, 1 August 2021, 12:02 by Denis Chabrol

A man has been arrested in connection with a robbery committed on a fisherman at Unity Junction, East Coast Demerara.

Police say they have arrested one of the suspects known as ‘Thick Slice” and they are searching for two other men.

The robbery was committed at about 5 O’clock  Saturday morning

The fisherman told police that the men stole his Samsung S10 cellular phone valued at $200,000.

He told police that he was awaiting transportation at Unity Junction to go to work when he was approached by a red motorcar with three occupants.

The fisherman says while the driver enquired  where he was going, one of the occupants exited the vehicle with a steel bar in his hand and pulled his cell phone away and lashed him to his head and other areas of his body.

The victim was taken to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where he was treated.