Battered body of fuel tanker driver found in vehicle by owner

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 July 2021, 11:55 by Denis Chabrol

The driver of a fuel tanker truck was early Saturday morning found dead in the driver’s seat on the Tuschen Public Road, East Bank Essequibo.

Police also say his belongings have been found in a nearby market stall.

He has been identified as 31-year old Laurel Samaroo of Tuschen New Scheme. 

Investigators say they were summoned to the fuel tanker truck by the owner who went to the vehicle at about 2 O’clock this morning but failed to wake up the driver who appeared to be sleeping on the driver’s seat.

Police say when they arrived they saw marks of violence including wound to Samaroo’s right side head.

Detectives say they found a black haversack, wallet and keys belonging to driver behind a stall in the market area.


Records show that the driver  left Parika with the fuel tanker at about 9 O’clock last night.