Robber caught after grabbing cash, other items from Goed Intent men

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 June 2021, 21:15 by Denis Chabrol

A man, who robbed a businessman and a  policeman, of cash, jewellery and other items at a house at Goed Intent, West Bank Demerara was Thursday afternoon cornered by the victims and police, police sources said.

A number of the stolen items were found in his possession but the suspected firearm which he used to attack the men at a newly-constructed house at Lot 67 Murphy Street, Goed Intent, West Bank Demerara was not retrieved.

The victims are businessman 44-year old Hubert Murray and police sergeant 30-year old Shawn Murray. Hubert was robbed of $114,000 as well as jewellery and other items with a total value of $262,000.  Sergeant Murray said the man stole $21,000

The incident occurred at about 4:30 PM.

Police sources said the suspect has been identified as 24-year old Daniel Isles of Block ‘A’ Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

The Murrays told police that they were at the house when the suspect went and enquired from Hubert about the Boss. After Isles was invited into the house, he held both of them at gun point and stole articles.

According to the sources after the Isles fled through a  yard, the Murrays boarded their car and chased him. Although Isles boarded a car, the victims used their car to block .

Police said the man then jumped out of the car in his hand and escaped into a yard.

While vigilant villagers ensured that the man did not flee Goed Intent two policemen from Wales Police Station joined the search and caught Isles.

Police sources said a cell phone, gold band and 14,000 cash were recovered from Isles but they did not find the gun or anymore cash in the area.