Region Nine’s Pirara bridge opens to light traffic

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 April 2021, 22:40 by Denis Chabrol

The Pirara bridge along the Linden-Lethem Corridor is open to light vehicular traffic following emergency remedial works, the Public Works Ministry said Wednesday.

The Public Works ministry in a statement said that vehicles ten tons and under only are allowed to cross the bridge at this time.

The ministry says further reinforcement to the bridge will be completed by midday tomorrow April 15.

The ministry says  that on Thursday  after the reinforcement vehicles not more than 30 tons will be allowed to cross.

The Ministry has given a two week deadline to complete all repairs which will allow for  the crossing of fully loaded heavy vehicles within the weight limits.

The Ministry warns that  under no circumstances vehicles exceeding the weight restrictions should attempt to cross the Pirara Bridge.

The Pirara Bridge in Region Nine collapsed on Saturday April 10 cutting off two-way vehicular traffic to and from Lethem.

Meanwhile, a truck and trailer that were carrying an excavator to Lethem toppled on the approach to the Pirara Bridge but no one was seriously hurt. The excavator was being taken by a private contractor to the border town.