Police, soldiers arrive in Baramita to beef up security

Last Updated on Monday, 15 March 2021, 16:41 by Denis Chabrol

Police and soldiers arrive at Baramita, North West District

Police and soldiers are beefing up security in Baramita, North West District in the wake of a number of crimes there.

During a weekend visit by senior officers of the army and police, they have decided to establish a temporary base at the bottom flat of the community’s multi-purpose building.

However, the Guyana Police Force says the intention is to establish a base at Baramita.

Police said Lieutenant West and seven ranks from the Guyana Defence Force, and four ranks from the Guyana Police Force arrived at Baramita Police Station to conduct patrol exercises in Baramita and surrounding communities.

However, top regional police and regional council officials met with the Toshao and the Baramita Village Council and discussed a range of security concerns.

Police say these include ending the sale of alcohol to underaged children and to sensitize/warn business owners to desist from such practices. Officials fear that the sale of alcohol to children can lead to them being sexually exploited.

The Joint Services also want residents to provide them with information about criminal gangs as well as build better relationships between police and the community.

The establishment of a youth group was also discussed.